Jundia receives a visit from representatives of the UK Primary Health Care Institute

Jundia receives a visit from representatives of the UK Primary Health Care Institute

Jundia receives a visit from representatives of the UK Primary Health Care Institute

Published on 05/23/2024 at 17:04

A team of experts from the United Kingdom in primary health and social services visited Jundia on Thursday (23) morning to learn about the work being done in the municipality by the Unified Health System (SUS). Visitors are members of the Modality Institute, which is committed to the values ​​of the National Health Service (NHS), England's health system – and which provides primary care services to more than 7 million people in the United Kingdom.

The meeting was mediated by the Instituto Qualisa de Gestão (IQG), a partner of the Hospital de Caritade São Vicente de Paulo (HSV), and aimed to exchange experiences between the two organizations and provide an opportunity to study the best. Experiences on Pathways to Sustainable Development in the Public Health Sector. Managers of Civil House (UGCC) were present, Dr. Gustavo Maricel – representing Mayor Luis Fernando Machado; and Health Promotion (UGSP), Tiago Texera and his team; In addition to HSV superintendent, Matheus Gomes; The Medical Director of the Hospital, Dr. Frederico Michelino de Oliveira; and Executive Coordinator of the Family Health Strategy Technology Center (NTESF), Pamela Mango. For IQG, CEO, Mara Machado; and relationship director, Jadson Costa. For Modality, CEO, Dr. Vincent Chai; Primary Care Medical Director, Dr. Meena Gupta; and Administrator, Dr. Ravi Sandhu; and Danilo Moreira, from the British Embassy.

The theme of the meeting was to provide opportunities for exchange of experiences between organizations and the possibility of studying best practices on paths to sustainable development in the public health sector.

The superintendent, Mateus Gómez, explains that last year Hospital São Vicente started a partnership with the Instituto Qualiza de Gestão in order to obtain ONA certification – an internationally recognized accreditation. As of December 2023, the company will be Level 2 – Fully Accredited. Now, the emergency and emergency infrastructure – four emergency departments and a mobile emergency care service (SAMU), also supported by two outpatient clinics, one for specialties and the other for orthopedics – has undergone an integrated qualification. Process for network certification with six Basic Health Units (UPS). Its objective is to ensure standardization of operations and maintenance of services. “Through this partnership with IQG, we learned about Modality, which sought to exchange experiences with a unit that provides good health care in Brazil. The municipality of Jundiaí was chosen not by chance, but because of the intensity and quality of the work it does for the benefit of the population,” said He explained.

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“I want to thank you for your welcome and say that this is an opportunity to establish a partnership and inspire us. It is important to redesign health and promote this discussion. Jundia was chosen because it is a municipality”, said Mara Machado, CEO of IQG.

A presentation on Jundia SUS was given to the company representatives

The health promotion manager considers attendance important. “Juntia in the United Kingdom is a successful moment between the SUS and the NHS system. Just as Paraguay approached us recently, they sought our municipality to exchange experiences, this time, on primary care, that is, the basic health units taught them a lot about the primary care model in Jundia. I am learning a lot from the NHS system to always move forward with primary care being the gateway to the SUS.

“It is an honor to visit this beautiful city and I am grateful for the opportunity to gather here. The idea is to promote collaboration between the NHS and SUS, the English public health system. It has been a pleasure to understand and be a part of the public policies being developed here in Jundi. I understand that the challenges are often different. , but I believe we can find better solutions together”, said Modality CEO Dr. Vincent Chai.

“It was a very rich meeting and public health in Jundia had the opportunity to present its qualities to the representatives of Modality from the United Kingdom and the IQG who came to meet us, the best that Jundia has to offer. At the same time, to share experiences, how to listen and understand good practices in public health carried out there. And Jundia can incorporate these measures for our citizens,” said Dr. Gustavo Marizzale, manager of the Civil House. .

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The meeting took place in Jundia's Municipal Palace, Situation Room

Original link: https://jundiai.sp.gov.br/noticias/2024/05/23/jundiai-recebe-visita-de-representantes-de-empresa-de-cuidados-de-saude-primarios-do-reino United/


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