Judge denies Apple's request to dismiss class action lawsuit in UK

Judge denies Apple's request to dismiss class action lawsuit in UK

A few months after the developers were targeted for collective action UK Because of the fee App StoreThe Apple He lost his first major battle in the case. That's because the country's appeals court rejected the company's bid to dismiss the case entirely. According to news agency information Reuters.

In January, Apple Submitted an application Around 85% developers argue that the case is inadmissible as they do not pay any fees to the app store. The company also said most participants in the class action could not be sued in the UK because buyers were not charged through that country's app store.

Rejecting the company's claim, Judge Andrew Lennon said in his written judgment that it was “likely to establish that Apple's overcharging of app developers in the UK in relation to store transactions does not constitute conduct practiced in the United Kingdom”. .

This means that the process will continue, and both developers who sell their apps in the United Kingdom and those who make them available on app stores in other countries will be protected from potential gains as a result of legal action.

Joint action, it is worth remembering, does not require registration from British developers. Pay up to Apple £785 million (More than R$4.7 billion) If convicted – sure to appeal.

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