Journalist fired from Record two days after reporting manager harassment · TV News

Journalist fired from Record two days after reporting manager harassment · TV News

Journalist Reda Castro claims he was harassed by a record manager for more than a year. The former Esporte Record News presenter was fired in January 2023, two days after the employee’s actions were reported to HR.

Reda, who brought the case to light on Monday (23), filed two legal lawsuits: a labor lawsuit against the company and another in a criminal context against the manager, whose name she did not reveal. The Register did not comment on the case.

to the newsThe former presenter of the Esporte Record News program said that the situation started with jokes and comments from the director about her appearance. “After that, there were endless invitations for dinner and wine… and more and more comments about my beauty,” he recalls. The president also sent complimentary gifts and photos, according to Reda.

The professional was afraid of denouncing the director and not receiving Record’s support, but he decided to give confidence to the broadcaster at the beginning of the year. Two days after asking for help, she was fired under the pretext of “cutting costs.” He adds: “I met other women who went through similar situations with him, but they did not have the courage to speak out.”

The operations mentioned by Risa remain secret from the courts. According to her, there was a preliminary ruling that gave her victory in one of the cases, but the accused could still appeal. “I can’t say anything at all about this process,” he says.

The journalist posted a video clip on Instagram in which she talked about the topic:I suffered sexual harassment from my boss for about a year. In the end, I suffered retaliation because I obviously didn’t give up… I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to report it to the company’s HR department. Even I knew that [a demissão] “It could have happened, but I was really hoping the company was serious and cared about the well-being of its employees,” says Reda Castro.

I am so proud that I had the courage to do all this and get out of that prison. I was probably the only woman who had the courage, as I know many women who suffered like me at the hands of this person. “It’s very sad, because at the end of the day we feel invalid as professionals, basically, but also as women, as human beings.”

The reporter called the register on Monday (23) morning and waited for the location to be determined for three hours. The broadcaster is aware of Reda’s complaint, but did not issue an official position on the issue until this text was published. If there is a response, the text will be updated.

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Check out the satisfaction report below:

The Register has already convicted a journalist of harassment

Gerson D’Souza, one of Record magazine’s most experienced reporters, was convicted in April of sexually harassing four women who worked with him on the film Domingo Espetacular. The court sentenced him to two and a half years in prison for the crime of sexual harassment, but the sentence ended up being converted to community service and a fine of ten minimum wages, equivalent to 13,200 Brazilian reals.

The accusations against Souza began in May 2019, when a group of employees went to the police to file police reports against the journalist’s harmful behavior. At that time, the broadcaster itself ordered them to seek help from the authorities. Even as the case dragged on, Record kept the reporter employed until 2020, when he was finally fired.

Victims and witnesses said Gerson De Souza made jokes with a double entender, directed obscenities at his editorial colleagues, groped them and even stole a kiss from a married journalist. In his defense, former correspondent Domingo Espitacular denied all the accusations and claimed that he was a victim of revenge because he criticized one of the women.

What influenced the decision of the case were the 21 witnesses who were in favor of the complainants, and also the fact that Record removed him from work and then fired him. Souza put his foot down and called the results “false narratives.” “I come from a time when playing with women was normal,” he told the judge.

Gerson de Souza’s lawyer can still appeal the decision. Leonardo Magalhães Avelar, the journalist’s defender, reported in a note to the news That the sentence contains “serious” errors. “It will certainly be subject to reform by the Court of Justice of the State of São Paulo upon appeal,” he noted.

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