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Beware of the lessons learned in the most difficult way possible in 2020 and the difficulty in starting to control the onslaught of a new variant of the virus (known globally as the “British variant”) that led to the imposition of Boris Johnson to the maximum in your expansion plans. The Prime Minister announced this Monday the long and slow “Path to Freedom”, which will not allow shops to reopen until April 12, or bars and restaurants until May 17.

The United Kingdom on Monday recorded 178 deaths from Govt-19 and 10,641 new infections. Below the dangerous figures for January, in conjunction with a vaccination campaign, it has already delivered the first dose of the vaccine to 17.5 million people. Yet the British government has chosen a precautionary expansion strategy that will last until the end of June. “We can’t continue indefinitely with restrictions that weaken our economy, our physical and mental health and the lives of our children,” Johnson said in a long-awaited appearance before the General Assembly. “That’s why this road map needs to be irreversibly careful.”

The path to a new nature must be governed by a scientific method and answer a series of important questions at each of its steps. Any improvement should occur at least five weeks after the previous one. It takes four weeks for experts to fully assess the consequences of any relaxation of the rules, and one week before the new rules – to warn the public. With each change, four unavoidable tests must be passed: the vaccination program continues to progress at the expected rate; Data collected show that vaccines stop hospitalizations and deaths; Infection rates do not anticipate a new strain on the national health system; And no new types of viruses will be released that will disrupt all programs.

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“Moving fast means acting before you know the impact of each step. I did not take that risk, ”Johnson said. It illustrates the recession of the Conservative Party and the recession of Britain, an independent minority, but has the support of the opposition and the business world. The brutality of the impact of the recent waves in the United Kingdom helped to create a consensus of wisdom and fear in support of the actions taken by Johnson.

Schools are reopening

On March 8, elementary and middle schools and universities will reopen their doors. Students should be subjected to a strict regime of two-week probation as they are a necessary accomplice to their families. Finally, the use of masks in classrooms is mandatory not only in general areas, but also in high schools and universities. On March 29, the “Rule of Six” will be reset, limiting the number of persons who can meet outside or on private gardens. April 12 is the reopening of non-essential shops, hairdressers, libraries or museums. On the same date, bars, Hotels Restaurants will receive some of the oxygen taken from them back in December. Customers will return to the terraces, there will be no curfew order and it will not be necessary – as in the previous prison – to consume alcohol only with one meal. On May 17, “Rule Six” will work indoors (mainly homes), and bars and restaurants will be accessible. Finally, all restrictions on community meetings on June 21 will be lifted.

Until April 12, it will not be when the government reviews the current ban on foreign travel. Only then will Britons who can afford it find out if they can plan their summer vacation.

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