Javier Miley expresses his expectation to meet the Pope

Javier Miley expresses his expectation to meet the Pope

In an interview, Argentine President Javier Miley expressed his expectation of an upcoming visit by Pope Francis to Argentina. He also recalled the invitation extended by the Pope after his election and stressed his hope to hold a fruitful meeting with the religious leader.

The importance of the Pope is undeniable

Given the importance of Catholicism in Argentina, the President highlighted the crucial importance of the moral support provided by the Pope. Miley considers him not only an important spiritual leader, but the most important Argentine in history, and it is essential that ideological views do not interfere with this understanding.

Political approaches and perspectives

Moreover, many of his criticisms were directed against governors and parliamentarians who did not support the huge bill introduced by the executive branch to liberalize the economy, whom he described as “traitors,” “delinquents,” and “corrupt.”

The rejection of some articles of the law by opposition representatives would have pleased him, because such a movement would highlight, as he put it, those who vote for “political privileges.” Miley explained that he therefore made the decision to withdraw the law and stop the giant project.

Controversial relationship?

Although he had previously referred to the Pope in offensive ways, describing him as a “disgusting leftist,” “an idiot,” and a “representative of the evil on earth,” the Argentine president stated that he had apologized and that he had received a phone call from the Pope. After his election. Millie had the opportunity to invite the President of the Vatican to Argentina.

Next Monday, the Argentine president is scheduled to hold his first meeting with Pope Francis in the Vatican. Before that, on Sunday, he will participate in the canonization ceremony for the first Argentine saint, Mama Antola, in St. Peter’s Cathedral.

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