Jacob returns with terrible news


The next chapters of origin, Jacob / Israel (Petronio Juntigo(Shocked when he received the unexpected news that his son Jose)Giuliano Welder) Silva is still alive. Judas who tells the news to the elderly is Judas (Thiago Rodriguez), who returned to Canaan, after discovering that the mighty ruler of Egypt was, in fact, his brother who had been humiliated in the past.

“Actually, what happened is… We sold Jose as slaves to an Ismaili merchant when he came to meet us in the countryside. We did this evil and he hid it from you. No one told us the truth before… Fear. But now you have to know why.. Joseph on alive and is the ruler of all Egypt,” says Judah, leaving his father utterly shocked.

“Dad, did you hear? Jose is alive. He’s in Egypt. We talked to him, and ate at his house. Jose is alive, Dad!” , enhances the old man’s heir. Jacob’s shock was so great that he began to feel ill. Abdullah puts his hand on his chest as if he is having a heart attack, and falls backwards.

In Genesis, Jacob is sick and is helped by the children

The children try to come to Israel in the hope that he can find Joseph again, but the old man remains silent and does not respond to his heirs, leaving everyone worried. They have an idea of ​​putting you on a chair to double your awareness. After that, the brothers ask their father for forgiveness for every lie and omission about Joseph.

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The scenes in the class are scheduled to be broadcast on Wednesday (17), in which the text is shown On the small screen He has access. Find out what will happen in The coming days in Genesis. Check what will happen in the plots The series Ntelinha channel.

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