It’s time, right? Android 12.1 AOSP gets a new wallpaper after 5 years without changes

It's time, right?  Android 12.1 AOSP gets a new wallpaper after 5 years without changes

Those who follow the launch of new devices and operating systems are already accustomed to seeing that we are always introducing new wallpapers to monitor changes and profiles appearing on devices, as well as constantly sharing these changes to allow for change even if they do not have the device they are charging.

Against this constant development, the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) has been since Android 7.0 Nougat without a new background check, something that has finally changed with the arrival of Android 12.1, thus breaking the 5-year fast in this aspect.

As can be seen below, Google has ditched the mountain image in shades of pink and is betting on including a more discreet background and shades of blue, something that would certainly favor use in devices with dark mode activated.

The novelty, while seemingly small, shows that little by little Google is focusing on trying to give a more youthful air to the open version of the green little robot operating system that is usually used as the basis for most custom ROMs available on XDA developers and on other websites that focus on phone customization .

If you enjoyed the new wallpaper, you can download it in full resolution for use on your device through the link below, giving access to the 5MB file.

So, what do you think of the new wallpaper for AOSP? Tell us in the comments!

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