Itapemirim responded “unsatisfactory” and will be fined

Itapemirim responded "unsatisfactory" and will be fined

The Executive Director of Procon-SP (Foundation for Consumer Protection and Defense in São Paulo), Fernando Kepez, assessed the response sent by Itapimirim as “unsatisfactory”. The company admitted, according to the head of the agency, that more than 130,000 passengers were affected Temporary suspension of its activities“.

To Procon, Itapemirim stated that the suspension occurred due to a problem caused by the outside company, “which provided operational technical services for aircraft ramps, passenger services and freight services.”

According to the group, the company hired by the company was to ask employees to finish work on December 17, but the agreement was to provide the service until January 10.

But for Kieps, the situation does not absolve Itapemirim of its responsibilities, “because the law states that all companies involved in the supply chain have an objective and joint responsibility.”

The ETA group, as it is also known, suspended its activities temporarily last Friday. Various airports witnessed protests from passengers from company.

“Procon is frustrated, because the most important information turned out to be dodgy. The company said it will provide support to all passengers and refunds as long as they access its official channels, but Procon wants an immediate refund. Any response other than an immediate return or a transfer to another airline is the answer. evasiveness,” Keppes justifies.

The Procon director also stated that Itapemirim could not use Law 14,034, which allows companies to make refunds in 12 months, as justification. “a “Italy’s suspension is not commensurate with this situation,” he said.

Keps said the company is “subject to administrative, civil and criminal liability.”

Work is expected to resume on February 17

To Procon, the company also stated that it plans to resume its activities from February 17th. Until then, Itapimirim was famous for its ground transportation of passengers.

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The Consumer Protection Agency said it would determine an amount of R$70 million that could have been withdrawn from Eta Group’s judicial recall of the airline’s opening.

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