“It would be a disaster for Russia if it decided to invade Ukraine,” Biden says.

The President of the United States again renewed threats to the European country and commented on the harsh sanctions associated with the impossibility of conducting dollar transactions.

EFE / EPA / MICHAEL REYNOLDSDemocratic President of the United States Joe Biden

President United State (United States of America), Joe Biden, this Wednesday, 19, “It will be a disaster on RussiaHe will eventually decide to invade Ukraine He renewed his threats to impose severe economic sanctions. “[Putin] The US president said at a press conference marking the first anniversary of his assumption of power, which will be celebrated on Thursday, 20 years, that unprecedented sanctions like those he promised if he moved “to Ukraine.

Biden also warned that Moscow would be held accountable, though he made clear that the actions the United States and its partners would take would depend on what kind of military intervention Russia chooses to carry out. “It’s one thing if it’s a small incursion and we end up arguing [na Otan] about what to do and what not to do, but if they do what they can do, with massive force on the border, it will be a disaster for Russia,” he warned. He added that the United States and its allies are ready “to inflict heavy cost and great harm” on Russia and its economy. As an example: “If They invade, they will pay, and their banks will not be able to conduct dollar transactions.”

Knowing that sanctions like the ones he proposed, related to dollar transactions, would have an impact not only on Russia, but also on the economies of the United States itself and also on the economies of Europe, Biden added: “So, I’m going to make sure everyone is on the same page as we move forward.” . Regarding the state of Ukraine, Biden said Washington would help “fortify” its NATO allies in Eastern Europe: “We’ve already sent about $600 million in advanced defense equipment to the Ukrainians.” Despite the heavy threats, Biden considers that there is still room for negotiations with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who demands guarantees that Ukraine will never be part of NATO and that there will be no NATO “strategic weapons station” in Ukraine.

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