It looks like Sony is ready to discontinue PS Plus cards at retailers

It looks like Sony is ready to discontinue PS Plus cards at retailers

Sony Interactive Entertainment appears to be preparing to discontinue PlayStation Plus cards available in retail stores, and reports have already emerged from European countries where stores are already out of stock.

We’re 3 days away from the launch of the new PS Plus Plus and Premium tiers allowing access to over 400 games, something that could help explain this apparent decision by Sony to allow stock PS Plus cards in physical stores sold and no more will be shipped. Of stock.

According to VGC, UK stores like Amazon, Game, Smyths and Argos no longer sell PS Plus cards, while US stores like Walmart and Amazon no longer sell these to get or renew your PS Plus subscription.

In addition, Polish XGP is making progress in his country and around the world, Sony will stop selling PS Plus cards for 3, 6 and 12 months in retail stores, which will make gift cards available in physical stores as the payment method is cash hand and get a code to add money to the PS Store digital wallet and get additional months of PS Plus.

Taking into account the new levels Extra, €100 per year, and Premium, €120 per year, it seems Sony has decided to simplify things and get rid of PS Plus cards in physical stores. With a gift card, you can buy cards for the subscription value you want, for the time you want (or go one level up) in a simpler way.

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