Is there roaming in the UK? How to use your mobile while traveling in the United Kingdom

Is there roaming in the UK?  How to use your mobile while traveling in the United Kingdom

Depending on your operator, you may need to roam in the United Kingdom.

Using your plan without roaming will result in a very expensive bill

Are you traveling to the United Kingdom, but You never know if you will have mobile data and calls? Britain’s exit from the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA) has complicated the situation for operators, which is why most people don’t know whether they can surf the Internet without additional costs. Precisely for this reason, we will clarify the situation once and for all.

Is there roaming in the United Kingdom?

It depends on the operator. Some will let you use your fare as if you were in Spain – or if at all – while others will charge you more. Now let’s review the situation of major operators. However, let us clarify some concepts about it first carry around.

Roaming is not the same as international calls. As quoted Use of mobile data and calls from abroad without extra charges, not calls between countries. This is similar to data roaming, which enables the option on your mobile phone to connect to a foreign operator. Data Roaming must be enabled for roaming.

Those operators that offer roaming allow you to browse and use the Internet under the same conditions as in Spain. We practically mention why the use of data and calls Subject to “responsible use”.This means not spending a lot of money on a trip, not for the residents.

It means the latter If the company assumes you live there, you can’t roam If I can punish you. For example, if you travel from Spain to the United Kingdom for 2 weeks, nothing happens, but if you live there for several months, the operator will assume that you contract your tariff to use it outside the borders of Spain.

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Operators with Roaming

The following operators are roaming. You can talk and browse from the United Kingdom How do you study in Spain?. The same rate will apply without additional charges.

  • Moviestar
  • Vodafone
  • Think
  • O2
  • Pepphone

In most companies, roaming is enabled. Otherwise, you have to contact the operator using their customer service number through your application through the internet.

Conversely, on most devices, data roaming is what allows us to roam, viene is disabled by default. This is done to avoid costs when approaching borders or traveling without letting us know that we have no connection. Data roaming needs to be activated manually.

The way to do it is very similar in most terminals. We simply have to Enter settingsAccess Networks and Connections section (or how to call me on our mobile phone), and Enable data roaming. The menu names may change slightly depending on the mobile, but other than that there are no major changes.

How to Enable Data Roaming on Xiaomi

Enable roaming on Xiaomi

Non-Roaming Operators

The following operators do not roam in the United Kingdom. Despite this, some allow you to contract bonuses, which is a way to get data.

  • TG
  • Finenetwork
  • Zastel
  • Lowy
  • Orange
  • Simeo
  • Soup
  • Barlem

Be careful when querying your account on these operators’ websites. Many of them state that they only have roaming in the United Kingdom, but this is because they are out of date. Basically, it is necessary to assess the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union, which took effect on January 1, 2021, as well as the exit from the EEA on March 24, 2022, which was replaced. One with roaming, outside the United Kingdom Region 1.

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So, we have verified the information from the operators one by one. Many note that data is available in the United Kingdom, but This information is previous to March 24, 2022This country belongs to zone 1.

Best solution if you don’t have roaming

If your operator doesn’t allow you to roam in the United Kingdom, don’t worry, there are solutions for this. Some companies like Jastel offer bonuses It offers a lot of data for a limited period of time to browse the internet from the UK. Does your operator not offer them? Get an eSIM or Roaming SIM Specific to the United Kingdom.

In the first case, contact your operator to find out if the bonus is available. For the second case, Let us show you 3 alternatives to buy an eSIM or SIM Internet in the United Kingdom. These cards are prepaid and valid for a limited period of time and last for gigas or days. Under no circumstances may you exceed that amount or receive a debit invoice.

The difference between an eSIM and a SIM depends on the type of card. eSIM is virtual and SIM is physical. We recommend the first type (first 2 alternatives) because they are more convenient to implement without being physically integrated into the mobile.

  • Alternative 1: Holafly eSIM

Buy an eSIM on Holafly

  • Alternative 2: eSIM from Airalo

Buy eSIM on Airalo

  • Alternative 3: SIM from Giffgaff

Buy SIM on Giffgaff

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