Is it possible to turn off the number of followers on Instagram? understand

Is it possible to turn off the number of followers on Instagram?  understand

Instagram has been testing some tweaks to its platform recently. The first was the number of stories to be determined soon. Now, to the surprise of many people, the social network has started hiding the follower count as a test. The change, on the other hand, keeps the number of posts and followers active as it is today.

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The novelty has fallen like a bombshell in the bosom of many influencers, who are keen to increase the impression of relevance through their followers.

News of the number of followers was published on Twitter

It was a Twitter user who revealed this which has left many people in shock. Programmer and leaker Alessandro Palozzi was able to find the changes in the Instagram test app.

In the post, it is possible to check how the main screen of the profile will look if the news is already in effect. At first, you can see the number of posts and the number of accounts the profile follows. In addition, the BIO information remains the same within Instagram.

The possibility of deleting a number of followers raises controversy

In 2019, Instagram implemented a feature similar to this one. The platform hid the number of likes the photos had received. This caused an uproar, as many people did not like the one-sided decision.

On the other hand, there has been a certain change in standards on the platform. Stories and other types of content have gained more relevance. This leads us to believe that no action is taken for the company without a clear objective of its own.

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Many people selling anonymous followers will end up stopping the illegal trade. In addition, directories will only show really relevant and engaged profiles, as the number of followers will become irrelevant to the general opinion of the platform.

The truth is that there is still no official position on whether or not this change can actually take effect.

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