Is Centauro bankrupt and being liquidated on Liquida Tauro?

Is Centauro bankrupt and being liquidated on Liquida Tauro?

Rumor – Centauro closes its doors after bankruptcy and liquidates all its shares on the Liquida Tauro website


If there’s one thing Brazilians really love, it’s sales. Traditional sales at the beginning of the year and on specific dates, such as Black Friday, feature sales at low prices, generally to use up old inventory.

According to the story circulating on social media, Centoro has gone bankrupt and is leaving Brazil. According to the post, Centauro will also hold a sale, with shares that will be in Brazil, on the Liquida Tauro website. paying off:

Version 1: “Post-bankruptcy liquidation. Liquidation will begin today at 06:35 AM.” Version 2: “Did you know that Centauro is closing its doors in Brazil and is liquidating its stocks at a discount of up to 90%? There is the Nike Air Force for 130.00, the Trucks for 140.00 and much more! Site Liquid Tauro.” Version 3: Due to the crisis in the retail sector, Centauro closes its doors and finds itself with a large stock of products still idle. The chain’s new owner wasn’t interested in the products, so today Centauro is deeply marking down stock with an 80% discount. See how to participate.

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The story spread on social media and through paid ads on Google. However, the post displays many characteristics of online fake news, such as its ambiguous and alarmist nature, lack of reliable sources and absence of news on the topic.

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Hence, we have separated three questions to explain to you why you do not believe this story: 1) Centoro has gone bankrupt and is liquidating the advertisement? 2) What happens if I make a purchase on the Centauro Liquidation website, Liquida Tauro? 3) What do you do if you see advertisements talking about companies that have gone bankrupt and making offers?


Centoro goes bankrupt and sells advertising?

No, there is no official statement from Centaura about the supposed bankruptcy. Moreover, this type of tactic is very common in fake news of this type. The plot is always the same: a company has gone bankrupt and needs to sell its products to avoid incurring further losses. However, it is a scam.

At the beginning of 2023, the SBF Group, which owns Centauro, closed some stores to cut costs, but it is not in the process of bankruptcy as the story indicates..

What happens if I make a purchase on the Centauro Liquidation website, Liquida Tauro?

In the last days, Several people on the Reclame Aqui website reported that they made purchases on the Liquida Tauro website and did not receive the products. According to reports, after paying for the supposed goods, people received a confirmation email, informing them that they would receive more information in the next three days. However, this never happened. After transferring the amount, the criminals disappeared and did not respond to any form of communication.

What should you do if you see advertisements talking about companies that have gone bankrupt and making offers?

The first thing is doubt. When alms are too much, even a saint is suspicious (why wouldn’t you be?). When you come across this type of promotion, look for it. Access to the official website and networks of the company used as bait. If the story is true, the company will surely announce the promotion on its official pages. Also visit the entire site before purchasing. Pages used in scams are not fully functional.

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Many of the buttons that appear on pages are merely decorative and do not respond to command when clicked. If that wasn’t enough, the pages also use different names than the original companies (in today’s case, the name on the settlement page is “Centouro”). Last (but not least), you can also consult websites, such as, to find out if the promotion is a scam.


Blow ⚠️

Centauro is not bankrupt and is not conducting a sale on the Liquida Tauro website. The supposed promotion with stock burning is a scam. After making the purchase, the criminals disappear and do not deliver the product. After reports of people falling for the scam, Centauro stated, through responses to Reclame Aqui, that it has nothing to do with the Liquida Tauro website and that it is not making a sale.

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