‘Iron Man’ shows how the British military can wear jet suits (video)

'Iron Man' shows how the British military can wear jet suits (video)

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Richard Browning, founder of Gravity Industries, showed off his flying suit powered by five gas turbines at the UK Military People’s Conference. The personal flying machine is capable of reaching an altitude of 3600 meters.

The Military People’s Conference was held at the Farnborough International Airport in the UK on Wednesday (2).

According to a military spokesman, As mentioned above Through the Daily Mail tabloid, the exhibition was intended to showcase the ability of British soldiers to use the capability of jet-flying suits.

“The conference began with an airplane demonstrating Richard Browning’s ability to wear a jet suit that transcends the force of gravity,” he said.

“Innovation and technological advancement are two of the key drivers of the Army’s 21st People’s Conference […] Significantly proven. “

During his flight, Browning took off and landed on the hood of a nearby jeep and on the roof of a truck, before flying over a balcony full of soldiers.

Earlier this year, the British Navy worked with Gravity Industries to explore the capability of the jet suite aboard the HMS Damar as part of maritime boarding operations.

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