Iran showcases massive drone for the first time, says it can be used against Israel

Iran showcases massive drone for the first time, says it can be used against Israel

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi threatened on Monday to strike the “heart” of Israel if Tel Aviv took the “smallest step” against Tehran. Speaking at a military parade on the occasion of National Army Day, Raisi said that if Iran’s security is threatened by the archenemy of Israel, its armed forces will respond strongly.

“Our message to Israel is that if you seek to normalize relations with the countries of the region, you should know that even your smallest movements are not hidden from our intelligence, security and army.”Raisi said at the gathering, which was attended by senior military officials. “And you should know that if you take the slightest step against Iran, the fate of the Iranian armed forces will be the heart of Israel.”he added.

a second Turkey’s state-run Anadolu Agency reportedDuring the ceremony, the Iranian army displayed a variety of weapons, drones and homemade defense systems at the military parade outside Tehran.


The Kaman-22, a long-range strategic drone of the Iranian Air Force, capable of transporting various types of cargo during a 24-hour flight, has been publicly demonstrated for the first time. According to Iranian officials, the equipment has a range of more than 3000 km and is capable of flying at altitudes of up to 8000 meters.

In addition to the Kaman-22, a number of Iranian army combat aircraft conducted air maneuvers on the occasion.

This year’s Army National Day parade came weeks after Iran’s Revolutionary Guards claimed responsibility for an attack on what it claimed was an Israeli “strategic center” in Erbil, in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq.

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Last week, Raisi told Iraqi Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein that Iran was “closely watching” Israel’s actions and would not allow it to “endanger the security of the region through any country.”

Israel has been blamed for a series of sabotage attacks on key Iranian nuclear facilities and the deaths of several Iranian nuclear scientists.

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