iPhone SE: The new version is inspired by the iPhone XR, rumors say

iPhone SE: The new version is inspired by the iPhone XR, rumors say

A new rumor regarding the alleged “third generation” iPhone SE appeared on the web and caught the attention of Internet users who follow Apple. The case is the news published on the Chinese website MyDrivers, which is inconsistent with what experts expect for New ‘cost-effective’ cell phone of apple.

According to the source, the new model will keep the 4.7-inch screen size found in previous versions, but in the redesigned iPhone XR format, moreover, the phone will also have a fingerprint sensor on its side, while still offering Face ID. as a security alternative.

However, the rumors differ from those predicted by senior Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. According to him, the new iPhone SE will have some changes in its appearance, only highlighting Improvements to a new processor And support 5G signal reception. Kuo still reiterates that the supposed model will arrive in the first few months of 2022, but he doesn’t elaborate on his predictions.

iPhone XR is Apple’s first “cheap” phone with a new look. (Source: GSM Arena / Reproduction)Source: GSM circuit

In this context, it is also worth noting that the source of the new rumor, MyDrivers, He is not particularly known for getting his predictions right. According to the site 9to5Mac, Its track record is mixed, and when true, it tends to be linked to features the general public has long expected – the obvious changes.

Like all rumors, it is a good idea to look at these rumors very carefully. Apple has not yet commented on the issue.

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