iPhone owners will have strong recourse in the event of theft; See any

iPhone owners will have strong recourse in the event of theft;  See any

a apple Announce a new improvement in iPhone To prevent thieves from easily accessing victims' personal data. The company stated in a statement issued that iOS 17.3 will contain a “stolen device protection” feature. With it, Face ID will be required to access passwords stored on the device.

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Additionally, iPhone settings changes will only be allowed using Face ID. Therefore, the digital code verification option is excluded for these options. The goal is to make it difficult for third parties to access information stored on the device.

However, Apple has not yet announced when the new tool will be available to everyone. However, it noted that iOS 17.3 is expected to be released in 2024. “As threats to users’ devices continue to evolve, we are working tirelessly to develop powerful new protections for our users and their data,” Apple said in a statement.

How will Apple's new security feature work?

The update announced by Apple comes as a measure against the increase in burglaries and theft in Brazil and the United States. Thus, the new tool prevents criminals from accessing user data even if they steal an unlocked cell phone.

Apple added in the announcement: “In the rare case that a thief is able to notice the user entering the passcode and then steals the device, protecting the stolen device adds an advanced new layer of protection.”

Therefore, using Face ID or Touch ID will be mandatory for the following tasks:

  • View or use passwords saved on your device (iCloud Keychain);
  • Register a new Apple Card;
  • View virtual Apple Card;
  • Turn off lost mode;
  • Delete content and settings;
  • Make changes to Apple Cash accounts in Wallet;
  • Use payment methods stored in Safari;
  • Use your iPhone to set up a new device.
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