Access to WhatsApp will be limited if the user does not agree to the new terms of use

Access to WhatsApp will be limited if the user does not agree to the new terms of use

Many users of the instant messaging platform, The WhatsApp, He did not like the company’s decision to immediately suspend the account of people who did not accept the new terms of use and privacy. Because of this, the measure will not be mandatory.

In this sense, given its inability to block the user from accessing the platform, WhatsApp has decided to restrict some features to those who refuse to accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. The company explained what can be done in these cases.

You will not be able to access your chat list, but you will still be able to answer audio and video calls. If you already receive WhatsApp notifications, you can touch them to read and reply to messages and to return missed audio and video calls, ”says an excerpt from the post posted in WhatsApp’s Q&A center.

“After a few weeks of limited use of resources, you will no longer be able to receive calls or notifications, and WhatsApp will no longer send messages and calls to your cell phone,” the company added.

Therefore, users who do not agree to the new terms will gradually lose access to the platform, leaving the messaging program without usability, due to the limited functionality.

Finally, it’s worth noting that the company sends messages to all users about changes to the app’s usage policy. However, notifications will be beefed up in the coming weeks so that you don’t hurt anyone for lack of communication.

Find out how to add a card and send money via WhatsApp

a The WhatsApp It recently launched a feature that allows its users to make money transfers via the platform. Grandma is working to pay and receive.

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The resource is built with Facebook Pay partner and Cielo. To use it, you must have a Facebook Pay account and register your favorite cards. However, your financial institution must adhere to the new functionality of the messaging app.

How do I add the card?

To add a card to Facebook Pay, you need to select your operating system, be it Android or iOS. Check actions for both cases:

Android system

  • Enter the WhatsApp platform and go to “Settings> Payments> Facebook Pay> Continue”;

IOS system

  • Enter WhatsApp and go to “Settings> Payments> Facebook Pay> Continue”;

Similar step for both systems

  • Click “Continue” to accept the terms and privacy policies associated with using the WhatsApp Payments Service;
  • Create a 6-digit PIN for Facebook Pay;
  • Enter your Facebook Pay PIN again to confirm it and click Next.

Android System – Security Configuration

  • If you want to use your fingerprint instead of a PIN, click “Use Fingerprint”
  • Otherwise, click “Skip” to enter the PIN manually.

IOS system p-0oi9 – Security Configuration

  • To use Touch ID or Face ID and you do not need to manually enter the PIN, touch “Use Face ID” or “Use Touch ID”;
  • Otherwise, click “Not Now” to manually enter the PIN.

Termination for both systems

  • Enter your full name and CPF and click “Next”;
  • Enter your debit card details, as requested on the page;
  • Select “Save”;
  • After adding your card details, you can verify it.

How to send money via WhatsApp?

  • Access to the chat on WhatsApp with the person who will receive the funds;
  • Click on the clip icon (attached) at the bottom of the application screen;
  • Then press Pay;
  • Enter the amount you want to send. To send money, it is necessary to register a debit card issued by one of the participating banks;
  • Enter your PIN code on Facebook Pay;
  • End! The transfer was successful.
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