iPhone 15 Pro Max improves battery and cameras but there are setbacks | Analysis/review

iPhone 15 Pro Max improves battery and cameras but there are setbacks |  Analysis/review

We have in our hands the most powerful iPhone of 2023. Does the 15 Pro Max bring big developments as Apple promised or just small improvements as we have seen in recent generations?

The design has changed a bit, but we now have a device made with a titanium body that is lighter than before. The big news is the adoption of the USB-C port. After years of investing in its own connectivity, Apple was forced to adopt the standard followed by other manufacturers.

The screen maintained the size, resolution, refresh rate, and technology used. We only had a slight increase in brightness for better visibility on sunny days. Apple has not made any changes to its cell phone audio. Power is as good as before and sound quality is impressive with rich bass, mids and treble.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max is equipped with the new A17 Pro chip, which comes with a faster processor and a GPU with an additional core with enough power to run even console games optimized for iOS, like Resident Evil Village. Despite having 8GB of RAM in this generation, the new Apple phone was slower in the multitasking test, perhaps due to excessive heat limiting its power.

The battery grew and performed better in our testing, where it was among the best in its class. The recharging time is still long, approaching 2 hours. The photography suite has received improvements, especially in the zoom part, which now features up to 5x optical technology, as well as software tweaks that mimic 28mm and 35mm lenses for greater flexibility.

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Is the iPhone 15 Pro Max worth buying? Although there are some issues that limit its power to the point where it falls short of its predecessor in terms of performance, it is still a great, high-end cell phone, as you can see in the full analysis below:

The iPhone 15 Pro Max arrived in September, starting at 10,999 Brazilian riyals For the 256 GB version up to 13,999 Brazilian real For the model with 1 TB of storage space.

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