Iperba has restricted service after an employee contracted chicken pox

Iperba has restricted service after an employee contracted chicken pox

The services of the Institute of Perinatology in Bahia (Iberba), in El Salvador, have been restricted, and staff will undergo vaccination against chicken pox, after a specialist in the health unit became infected with the disease.

This information was published by the State Department of Health (SESAP) on Friday (22). The diagnosis was made last Tuesday (19).

During this period, according to the volume, the Professor’s Reference Maternity Hospital. José María de Magalhães Neto, in Caixa d’Agua, and Hospital Geral Roberto Santos, in Cabulla, will temporarily be the two reference units for the care of pregnant women at risk – the group usually served in Iberba.

According to Sisab, chickenpox is a contagious and contagious disease caused by the varicella zoster virus, and notification registration is mandatory. In 2023, Al Bahia recorded 900 cases of the disease.

Sanitary measures against the problem have been identified on the recommendation of state and municipal monitoring teams.

Until October 3, the unit must restrict new admissions to high-risk pregnant women with the indication that babies will use the conventional neonatal intermediate care unit (UCINCo).

According to the General Secretariat, the procedure is limited to this patient file, to reduce the risk of possible transmission of infection and the spread of new cases, as the infected employee was working in this sector.

Normal-risk pregnant women, as well as elective surgery, legal abortion and gynecological services, function normally. That is, without any restrictions.


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