The study says that the number of times you go to the bathroom may indicate Alzheimer's disease

The study says that the number of times you go to the bathroom may indicate Alzheimer's disease

As we grow to a certain age, we naturally have more difficulty relieving ourselves. Likewise, it is common for older people to use the bathroom less. Sometimes it can be an indicator of a disease, such as Alzheimer's disease, according to one study.

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From the same perspective, a study presented at the International Conference of the Alzheimer's Association traced a relationship between… illness With the digestion.

Study tracks the link between bathroom visits and Alzheimer's disease

In particular, the study highlights constipation, specifically every three days, as an indicator of dementia risk. According to experts, there is a relationship between Chronic constipation and decline in cognitive function that corresponds to three years of aging.

For context, constipation is characterized by difficult or infrequent bowel movements, hard stools or a feeling that the rectum is not completely empty after a bowel movement, according to the MSD Manuals website.

According to the research results, 73% of the cases that revealed cognitive deficits were also related to constipation.

However, the study is not limited only to the problem of constipation. Scientists also found a higher risk of dementia in people who defecate more than twice a day. Be careful now!

In particular, research has linked a reduced presence of fatty acid-producing bacteria and dietary fiber to constipation and cognitive decline as a result.

If you're going with an unusual frequency, check!

Above all, if you deal with several trips to the bathroom every day, it is recommended to contact a health professional to check your condition in more detail.

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It is important to check the most diverse symptoms so that you can maintain your health and ward off diseases.

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