Investment raised in December rises 52% to 42.1 Middle East – Economy

Investment raised in December rises 52% to 42.1 Middle East - Economy

In December 2020, the investment amounted to 27.7 million euros. Compared to November 2021 (46.6 million euros), the amount collected through the Residence Permit for Investment (ARI) program decreased by 9.6%.

Last month, 84 “golden” visas were granted, 71 of which were for the acquisition of real estate (35 for urban rehabilitation) and 13 through capital transfers.

Total investment in the purchase of real estate amounted to 35.6 million euros in December, of which 11.9 million in urban rehabilitation, while the amount in capital transfer reached 6.5 million euros.

Last month, 14 “golden” visas were granted to China, 13 to the United States, 11 to Brazil, 10 to Russia, and four to the United Kingdom.

Cumulatively, investment in “gold” visas decreased by 28.7% last year, compared to 2020, to 460.8 million euros.

Last year, 865 ‘golden’ visas were granted, of which 55 in January, 100 in February, 73 in March, 98 in April, 52 in May, 67 in June, 41 in July and 64 in August, 61 in September, 87 in October, 83 in November and 84 in December.

Since the launch of the ARI scholarship program in October 2012, €6,099,799,479.59 has been raised through this tool. Of this amount, most corresponds to the purchase of real estate, which totaled 5,507,194,225.00 euros as of December, with the purchase of urban rehabilitation totaling 362,502,992.45 euros.

The investment resulting from the capital transfer is €59,2605,254.59.

Since the creation of this tool aimed at attracting foreign investment, 10,254 ARI indexes have been allocated: two in 2012, 494 in 2013, 1,526 in 2014, 766 in 2015, 1,414 in 2016, 1,351 in 2017, 1,409 in 2018 , 1,245 in 2019, 1,182 in 2020, and 865 in 2021.

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In more than nine years, 9,585 visas have been granted to purchase real estate, of which 1,009 are for urban rehabilitation.

As a condition for capital transfer, 649 visas and 20 for job creation were granted.

Since the beginning of the program, 17,221 residence permits have been granted to family members who have been reunited, of which 1,171 are in 2021.


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