Interview: Juliet says if she wants to be a friend of a generation and reveals what Sarah said in “BBB 101”; Come watch our chat with Hugo Gloss

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The name Juliet Freire It does not come out of people’s mouths! Paraibana conquered the heart of Brazil during its magnificent passage through BBB 21 And not for nothing I was crowned champion of the version! Condensed and hilariously, he was another likable participant in the crowd Gilles de Vigor, Who lives inside the house, friendship ups and downs with the attorney. It was love mixed with dogs! On some occasions, the economist suspended his friend, while he was still at home, alerting Joe about the things she might see from him outside and pissing her off.

The friendship with Jill still exists

The Queen of Cactus, in turn, opened her heart, and in an exclusive interview with Hugo Seating, Commented on the state of the relationship with Pernambucano. “I have great affection for a generation, for our cultural identity, for the gay cause, for all the connections that we have, for his story, in short, for everything. I know he said things that hurt me there.” (At the BBB home) I saw some, here I heard about others I did not seeAnd commented that she was advised by her friends not to watch certain scenes so as not to be hurt.

It continues after the announcement

However, Freire wants to know everything that has been said about her. “I know people are hurting. I hurt, I hurt someone with a word, and I am aware of that. I want to be friends with them, when it all ends, I want to understand, because there is always a reason behind it. I wish you a lot of success, Jill enjoys With a wonderful light, I know that he will have a beautiful future and I support him, just as I know that he supports me too. ”He went on to explain that despite everything, he wanted to maintain his friendship with Gilberto.

“I haven’t seen everything, but I want to see him with my heart open because I love him so much. He is a brother of mine and I fought with my brothers. He hurt my brothers too, I hurt them and still love them. So, everything will be fine!”He emphasized in a positive tone.

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“Jill has a great light. I know he will have a beautiful future and I support him, just as I know he supports me too.” (Image: Play / Globoplay)

A conversation with Sarah in “BBB 101”

After the end of this year, TV Globo brought together former reality subscribers for the last time at home. Some took the opportunity to reconcile, while others washed their dirty clothes. Days before viewing a file BBB 101, The channel published a photo of Juliet W. Sarah Andrade Speaking, totally sparking fans’ curiosity! Inseparable for a moment in the game, they both got away and the Brazilian woman spoke a few good words behind her teammate’s back …

It continues after the announcement

It wasn’t long before that speculation began. Is Sarrett still living, or has Joe ended the friendship? However, none of these questions were answered, because for the rebellion of many, the conversation between the two was excluded from the Special Edition! On the other hand, Hugo Gloss won’t fail to ask the question he doesn’t want to be silent! After all, what was said there between the sisters ?!

I was sleepless for two days. I swear to you, there was a scene that you were like, because it didn’t pass. It was me, Camilla and Phuk, who did not sleep, we were so upset and invented a dose of gin, I don’t know what I did. I was very sleepy so I wasn’t having a very good conversation, but anyway what Sara said to me was an apology. I don’t remember much, because Sara spoke to me, Lumena, Karol, everyone talked to me. And it was more or less the same. “Lawyer disclosure.

“What Sarah told me was an apology to me.” (Photo: Disclosure / TV Globo)

However, Joe did not have time to follow everything that happened. I said: Wait, let me sleep? I don’t understand very much. I was lost. I was like, ‘Let me read, let me understand what happened.’ I didn’t see anything. And I said at the time, “No, it’s okay.” She said, “Sorry Juliet, I thought you were wrong.” I think Sarah said this: “I thought it was a mistake, you were really good,” something like that. I don’t remember, I’m afraid to say what it was because I was so sleepy. And I said, “No, it’s okay, we’re talking.” I think I said that. “, Announced.

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Despite being open to dialogue, Paraiba has never had such a DR with Sarah. “No (I talked) With no one. I’ve spoken to Joao, Camilla, Lucas, and Boca. ready. And with “Peruca” and “ops” and “Rodolffo” so funny. I die laughing with Rodolfo. I wouldn’t say that, but he calls me even with flirting and I talk to everyone ”He said, laughing.

Relationship with Viih Tube

Throughout her career at “BBB 21”, Juliet has nurtured and respected Viih tube Which, more often, does not seem reciprocal to whoever saw it. Sometimes, the YouTuber complained about Paraiba’s behavior, and their relationship was in conflict. When asked if, at some point, she feels that the São Paulo woman has spoken badly about her, the attorney assessed: “Not that he talked bad about me. In fact, she felt mature, she talks well, she is very smart. A lot of hard things have gone through, but she is twenty years old. At twenty years old I thought I had a king in my stomach of maturity, I didn’t It wasn’t out of arrogance, or of me being better than everyone else, but it wasn’t because of maturity. “.

“Whenever I see someone, I do an analysis. I went out to associate the things I saw that reminded me of the good things, so I wouldn’t struggle on the inside, because I was in bad shape. For example, Jill I bonded with my brother. Viih Tube is my sister. She was twenty years old. She was my sister too. And I really chose to like her on the first day. She shouldn’t have done anything. I said I’m like you. I have already chosen, you are my best friend. I chose. Like, out of affection, I gave carte blanche. “, he added.

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“I really chose to like her on Day One. She didn’t have to do anything.”. (Image: Play / Globoplay)

As time passed, Vittoria was getting closer and closer Tai poo I left the friendship with Juliet in the background. “I didn’t feel it (in it) Talk about me badly. I didn’t see some things, I saw a scene in the room where she said I’m boring and she says something else about friendship with Tai, I’m tired of it, because I’ve been through so many things about that kind of jealousy from a friend … ”, Ventilation.

Here, Joe hinted that Vie might not have been mature enough to handle both relationships. “I developed my friendships a lot, which really went through the things I went through too. I understood that he was very immature. She is twenty years old, and I don’t know what her life was like, and I don’t know what she’s been through, she might need to be her.” Best friend. I don’t have this. I have many friends, if you put that, it just doesn’t fit here. And wihi, I saw that it was another round, she only needed one person. There were other things that I disagreed with, but I ignored them a lot, because I was Very fond, Closed.

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