Mel Maya MC Melody denies the hookup saying, “We’ve never met in person”; Watch

Mel Maya MC Melody denies the hookup saying, "We've never met in person";  Watch

names MC Melody NS Mayan honey It fell into people’s mouths this Tuesday (9)…that’s because in her recent post on “Pod da Dri,” a podcast run by YouTuber Dri Paz, the 14-year-old singer hinted that she actually did He was in a relationship with TV Globo actress. The topic, of course, resonated on the Web and netizens began to “shepar” the supposed couple.

It turns out that this morning Mel used Instagram stories to make the matter clear, and denied her involvement with Melody. “I woke up to messages from messengers on my WhatsApp, my friends sending screenshots of gossip pages, people commenting on my supposed hookup with Melody. I didn’t understand where people got this from, until I hit social media and saw Melody commenting on a podcast we stayed in. Hey. Guys, first of all, Melody and I have never met in person.”, started.

In the sequence, the actress also denied any agreement to participate in MC videos, which was also discussed during the conversation on the podcast. “We didn’t have that opportunity, we don’t talk much and my participation in a clip was not talked about with her, because I don’t participate in clips. Me and a tune, we don’t talk”reinforced.

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Maya also said that she did not respond to messages she received from funkeira and explained why: “We have each other’s WhatsApp. We talked to each other now and then and I saw that there was only a message from her, only a call from her. I left it in a void like hell, but I didn’t do it on purpose. My WhatsApp is full of messages about job proposals and tips. friends and family. I can’t track all messages from WhatsApp or from My Direct [no Instagram]. That’s why I left it in a vacuum.”

Finally, I asked the followers not to attack Melody because of what happened. “I’ve come to clear things up. I’m not saying all this for you to go there on her Instagram and play hate, and spill hate on her and her family. Don’t do that! I won’t stop following her, I won’t delete WhatsApp or anything like that. I’ve been through a lot, And that’s the least of it. It’s okay, I’m not upset or anything”, is over.

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Check out Mel’s comments:

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MC Melody grabbed the web’s attention and ended up being the most talked about topic on Twitter on Tuesday (9) after revealing an affair with Mel Maia. It all started with the 14-year-old recently participating in “Pod da Dri,” a podcast run by YouTuber Dri Paz.

In the chat, Melody was asked if she had ever dated women. Honestly, Funkeira wasn’t intimidated and took the opportunity to send a hint to the 17-year-old actress. “I’m fine, so Mel Maya…we are there”, MC was fired. “I think a friend wants”, The presenter responded in a suggestive tone.

After that, Melody gave details of the relationship that was to begin after Mel’s attacks. “But it’s not just me [que estou querendo]. She was the first to “give the idea”. (Maya). We’re in this together.” He stated, stating that the desire for a relationship would be reciprocated. Then the MC went to the details of his alleged participation with Al-Alameya and said that the two messages were exchanging messages on the networks with some frequency.

Curious, Dre insisted on the topic and wanted to know if Funkeira actually had a relationship with Mel. At this moment, Bella, Melody’s sister, decided to “expose” the blonde and fired: Yes, indeed and always.. Shocked by the revelation, he asked the presenter if the MC would come back to stay with the actress. “certainly”, The singer interspersed without hesitation. As for a possible more serious relationship, I tried to make a puzzle. “Who do you know?”, The young woman said with a smile. Watch:

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