Instagram must allow posting of photos and videos from computer

Instagram must allow posting of photos and videos from computer

For those who work with professional photo and video editing, it will be a faster and more effective way to get their work published. paying off.

A number of changes are being made by Instagram to make the social networking platform more dynamic with more options for Non-computer use (desktop). The updates promoted by the social network were announced on Monday (19) and actually took effect, mostly, on Thursday (21).

The most significant change concerns the ability to post photos and videos directly from the computer. For those who work with professional editing of photos and videos, it will be a much more efficient and faster way to publish their edited work on the computer.

It is indicated that the maximum time for videos will be one minute. It will also be possible to publish through the desktop application, which is available for operating systems such as Windows 11. Among the limitations that still exist in publications, one is that it is still not possible to publish stories and reels from the computer.

These jobs are still Limited for mobile phones. Only posts in the feed are edited. These changes can already be tested on Thursday by Instagram users who frequently use the computer to make their edits. Another novelty is the Collabs feature, which allows two people to be co-authors of a post in the Reels tab option.

To do this, the user only needs to send an invitation to the person who intends to be included in the publication version through the tagging screen. These tags allow followers of both to view the post, which helps content creators to further promote their posts.

This Wednesday (20), Instagram also started testing resources for pages linked to it charitable organizations This is not for profit. Within the pages, a donation button will be implemented.

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