Everwild development in disarray • Eurogamer.pt

Everwild development in disarray • Eurogamer.pt

Nader tries to find a way.

Everwild from Rare Studios and Xbox Game Studios was announced in 2019 and so far we have seen very little of the project, which according to unofficial sources is undergoing a turbulent development process.

Jeff Group, one of today’s most credible sources of unofficial information, commented that his sources talk about the chaotic development and that many members of the team have no idea what is going on or what Everwild is.

Grubb says that while Microsoft does not publicly acknowledge the issues, internal reports indicate that it is aware of what is going on and isn’t too happy about it.

“Everwild lives in a state of complete chaos,” Grob says.

“They try to talk diplomatically about it in public, like ‘People hear things about the creative director leaving and things being reset, and that’s exaggerated, but it’s not exaggerated. They’ve restarted this thing and don’t know exactly what it’s in, they’re still trying to figure it out and it’s a mess.”

“It’s not that I’m trying to be funny, the people working on the game don’t really know what’s going on in the game. It’s the mess that’s going on right now.”

Everwild has already lost several designs in key positions, but so far Rare has not confirmed that development has resumed.

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