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a Instagram Last Sunday (30) announced changes in The algorithm that sorts the stories. from now on, The original posts and photos shared in the feed will be treated equally.

The change comes after employees of Facebook, the owner of Instagram, accused social networks of censoring pro-Palestinian posts amid the conflict with Israel in Gaza. The Financial Times and BuzzFeed News reported workers ’discontent.

To the Financial Times, a Facebook spokesperson said that this issue had been handled by the company for a long time and that the change was not a response to accusations of censorship.

Facebook said to St 1 Who prioritized original stories on Instagram because he realized that they attracted more interest from users than posts sharing photos from their feed.

The social network also said that since last year it has recorded an increase in the number of people who have shared photos from their feed through stories. According to the platform, the priority of original stories made these posts have a negative impact on reach.

“Stories sharing posts in the feed from other accounts do not have the range people expect, and this is not a good experience,” Facebook admitted.

“It has also made people think that we have suppressed stories about specific topics or perspectives. We want to be very clear – this is not the case. This applies to any post that is shared in the stories, regardless of the topic,” he continues.

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