Influencer Natalie Castro has been found after her disappearance

Influencer Natalie Castro has been found after her disappearance
Photo: Instagram clone – 10/31/2023

Natalie Castro

Influencer Natalie Castro, 29, known for her specialty in travel, returned to digital platforms last Monday (30). Traveling across the African continent, her disappearance was reported by her personal advisor, Nayan Caroline, through a statement on social media, published last Sunday (29).

“I experienced borderline harassment and had to change my route to avoid being followed or something happening. The last video I sent was of my family crying after harassment and then being left without contact.”

According to Natalie, because she is in places where “the population lives below the poverty line,” “access to the Internet is declining,” and for these reasons contact with her family has been cut off. The influencer points out that she does not eat well and has difficulty going to the bathroom.

“I’m literally devastated. When you’re on the road, you eat poorly. Something very personal: I haven’t been able to go to the bathroom for a week. There are some places where I don’t want to eat, because I don’t know where it comes from.”

According to her, conditions were more dangerous at some of the borders she passed. “There were mice and cockroaches. I took a cold bath, a cold shower. There are situations where I say: ‘Wow, did I have to go through that?'” he adds.

Check out Natalie Castro’s statement in full:

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