Income tax refund for 2021: Who will receive the second payment

Income tax refund for 2021: Who will receive the second payment

The Internal Revenue Service opens today a consultation with the second batch of refunds from Income tax 2021. Payment will be made next Wednesday (30) to the bank account specified by the taxpayer when submitting the return.

About 4.2 million taxpayers will get 6 billion R$ in refunds, according to Revenue.

Of this total, R$2.3 million refers to taxpayers who have priority under the law, such as the elderly, people with a physical or mental disability or serious illness, and teachers. In addition, 2.9 million people who have submitted the ad will receive it through March 21 this year.

The revenue will also pay refunds to taxpayers who were in good standing between 2008 and 2020 and settled the situation.

How to check if the refund has been released?

To find out if your permit has been issued, you must access revenue site or use a program for individual revenue.

It is also possible to verify the payment through the My Income Tax application available for the systems Android e iOS.

Refund did not come out? Payment can be made until the end of September.

Refund follows the delivery queue, which file The taxpayer who sends the return first, will receive the refund first. Only the elderly, people with disabilities and teachers have the preference for payment, that is, they get it before other taxpayers.

The taxpayer who is entitled to a refund must pay attention to the table. In all, there are five batches of payments.

Revenue does not tell you in advance when your refund will be paid. A few days before you pay each batch, you need Consult the IRS website And check if the refund will be paid on this amount.

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See IR 2021 redemption payment schedule جدول

  • 1 unit: May 31
  • 2 decade: June 30
  • 3 decades: July 30
  • 4 decades: August 31
  • 5 decades: September 30

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