Amazon Opens Hair Salon in UK with Look-Predicting Technology | innovation

Amazon Opens Hair Salon in UK with Look-Predicting Technology |  innovation

Amazon on Tuesday (20) announced the opening of a hair salon in London, UK that uses augmented reality (AR) technology to demonstrate Hair Coloring Preview.

The wall-mounted tablet computer uses a front-facing camera The results are shown in different colors to customers.

The store will also test a “point and learn” technology, whereby people will be able to refer to a product they’re interested in “to learn more information and purchase options.”

The store is testing resources to “signal and learn more” about uncovered products. Photo: Disclosure / Amazon

According to the statement, access to the salon will initially be restricted to company employees, but other customers will be granted entry “in the coming weeks.”

Amazon, the online retail giant, has physical stores in the US and UK that allow customers to make purchases without checking out.

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However, the company stated that this is a “pilot store” as it will showcase new products and technologies and there are no plans to open new salons.

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