Income tax refund: Find out how to consult the second contract, which will free up R$ 5.7 billion | people’s economy

Income tax refund: Find out how to consult the second contract, which will free up R$ 5.7 billion |  people's economy

The Federal Revenue Service has issued an advisory on the second batch (Photo: Marcelo Camargo/Agência Brasil)

a tax authority The query must be edited to the second batch of recovery 2021 income tax On this Wednesday, 23. Payments will be made on June 30 and R$ 5.7 billion will be released to taxpayers.

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You can perform the query by accessing a file IRS web page, and also through the IRS mobile app, used to file an income tax return. It is important for the taxpayer to consult one of the two alternatives to see if their return has been processed. If this is not the case, a correction must be made to the advertisement.

While following the progress of the advertisement, the citizen should also pay attention to the information provided. Any error or inconsistency in the data could cause the statement to fall into the call. malha fina If this happens, the taxpayer will only get a refund after correcting the problem, in one of the so-called remaining coupons.

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Once the annual tax return is issued, income tax is deducted from the employees’ salaries. The revenue is then returned to the taxpayer’s surplus. The largest batch of refunds was the first this year. Across the country, this batch was returned 6 billion Brazilian riyals for taxpayers.

Refunds will be paid in five batches and the last payment is expected in September. In this second installment, Groups that have priorities To receive the refund as follows: Seniors over 80 years old; among shareholders 60 and 79 years old; Those who provide any Physical or mental disability or serious illness And finally, the citizens who The biggest source of income is teaching.

To monitor ad progress, access Virtual Taxpayer Service Center of Federal Revenue and report your CPF, access code and password. (With information from Jornal do Comércio on Rede Nordeste)

Check the income tax refund schedule for 2021

1 unit: May 31, 2021
2 decade: June 30, 2021
3 decades: 30 July 2021
4 decades: August 31, 2021
5 decades: September 30, 2021

Who is entitled to a refund of income tax?

Query can be made in Internal Revenue Page on the World Wide Web. The taxpayer simply clicks on the “My Income Tax” field and then “Consult Refund”. The query can also be made in the My Income Tax app, available for smartphones on Android and iOS platforms.

Consulting the website makes it possible to check for any outstanding issues preventing the payment of the refund – such as inclusion in the micro-network. If one or more inconsistencies are found in the advertisement, simply submit a corrected advertisement and wait for the next batches.

What do I do if I don’t get my income tax back?

If the balance is not provided for any reason, as in the case of a deactivated account, the amounts will be available for refunds for up to one year at Banco do Brasil. In this case, a citizen can simply and quickly reschedule credit amounts through the BB portal, or by calling the BB Relationship Center through the phones 4004-0001 (capitals), 0800-729-0001 (other locations) and 0800 – 729-0088 ( A special phone only for the hard of hearing).

Specialists warn of the dangers of the micro-network, which serves as a validator of information declared to revenue by taxpayers, based on cross-checking of information from third parties linked to the taxpayer in a certain degree of relationship, be it social. or financial. Last year, according to data from Federal Revenue, more than 1 million Brazilians needed to file clarification on their income tax returns.

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As an example, taxpayers who do not report income such as scholarships, inheritances, and donations received, economic consultant and accountant Marcus S.A. asserts, that reporting all income is the best way to avoid getting caught in the fine web.

The most common mistakes identified by economist Aldizio Oliveira are lack of authorization to receive property rent, business expenses without an invoice, and financial investments such as a private pension and education expense deduction.

However, this year taxpayers should be aware of the need for the Internal Revenue Service to declare the receipt of emergency assistance by the taxpayer or their dependents. Those who received the benefit and received more than R$22,847.76 in 2020 will need emergency assistance.

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The main consequences, according to Marcus, are delays or non-receipt of any refunds, as well as potential fines. Aldizio Oliveira explains that in addition to repealing the CPF, those caught in the fine network and not explaining discrepancies found by the Revenue Service may be fined up to 20% of the tax due.

A good year-round financial history ensures greater peace of mind on your next year’s income tax return, as detailed by professionals. “It is imperative that each taxpayer has financial control and visibility into their annual moves. This ensures that when you fill out your return, there is no missing information and that way you won’t fall into the fine web,” Marcus points out.

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