Income tax refund: 462,000 taxpayers have not recovered; See if you are one of them

Income tax refund: 462,000 taxpayers have not recovered;  See if you are one of them

A total of 462,000 taxpayers have yet to receive income tax refunds from other years. These people either reported the wrong credit account or did not enter the data into the system.

Also count those who fell into the fine grid, and after the situation was settled, their values ​​were released. In total, there are R$295 million waiting to be withdrawn. The data is from Banco do Brasil (BB).

“The Individual Income Tax Return (IRPF) is paid by the Federal Revenue Service of Brazil (RFB) through Banco do Brasil,” says the BB’s official website.

How can I check if I have received an income tax refund?

There are two options available, for Banco do Brasil account holders or for customers of other banks.

See below and follow step by step what to do in each case:

Banco do Brasil customers

  • The first step is to access the site. ;
  • Then just click on the “Service” menu;
  • get “income tax”;
  • and finally “Consult Reply”;

Clients from other banks

  • Access
  • Then choose the option “View income tax refund”;
  • It is also possible to be redirected to the website automatically click here
  • Enter the correct account data, savings or checks of the customer’s bank;
  • Pay attention to the correct data, once you do this, the value will be released on the next working day after scheduling;

How long can I get these income tax refund amounts?

Be sure not to miss the deadline! Once the income tax refund amount you are entitled to is released, you have up to one year to withdraw the funds.

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If you miss the deadline, the money you will receive will be returned to the IRS. This applies to all taxpayers without exception.

Biggest payment: 2021 income tax

The largest payment in history regarding income tax was issued this year – the past 31st, and the amount refers only to the first payment of refunds this year. In all, there were 3,446,038 taxpayers, who received R$6 billion.

Check out the full schedule for income tax refunds for 2021 Here.

To consult the following batches, you can:

  • access to the IRS website;
  • Click “My Income Tax” and then “See Refund”.
  • Enter the “My Income Tax” application;

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