In the UK, there is punk, metal and lots of rain to return to the famous festival

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In the UK, something big is happening this weekend: The Download Festival is hosting a test event for about 10,000 fans, setting a precedent for a whole new wave of shows and shows in the coming months.

The famous Rock and Metal event takes place on its traditional stage, at Donnington Park, and aims to test the safety of resuming post-epidemic concerts as most of the country is already vaccinated naturally.

The event continued despite the recent decision of the British government to delay the lifting of the restrictions scheduled for June 21 due to an increase in cases of delta variation that first appeared in India.

Test event of the download ceremony in the UK

Fans attending during the event do not need to wear masks or observe social distance, which creates a truly natural feeling – including the presence of heavy rain, a symbol of the iconic festival.

You can view the logs from here moshpits And crowded with presentations that focus more on rock, punk and metal names. There are a total of 40 bands, all from the United Kingdom, emphasizing Headlines Frank Carter & The Rottlesnakes, Enter My Valentine Shikari E Bullet.

You can see photos and videos here Official download profile Or below.

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