In the UK, Briton Adam Davies accidentally ate an Easter egg worth R$56,000.

In the UK, Briton Adam Davies accidentally ate an Easter egg worth R$56,000.

British Adam Davies accidentally ate a precious egg, where he did not know that it was a precious version and could be exchanged for a prize worth 10,000 pounds (about R$ 56,000).

Cadbury This Easter the company took an innovative approach and distributed 280 award-winning chocolates across the UK. This award-winning version is their “Cream Egg,” a small chocolate egg.

The contest asks consumers to find specialty eggs that come in two flavors: milk and white chocolate. Those who find it have to call the number on the package to claim the prize.

A video of him inside his van, released on Tuesday (6), was recorded for YouTube when he unknowingly ate the prize egg.

There were some comments on his Youtube video, one of them said: “I can’t believe you ate 10,000 eggs”. Another comment read: “I can’t believe I saw you do that.”

British YouTuber Adam Davies looks at an award-winning chocolate egg before eating it (Photo: Playback/YouTube/Adge)

After realizing it was one of the award-winning chocolates distributed by the company in UK stores, Adam discovered what had happened.

Unaware of the competition, the YouTuber ate all the chocolate without a second thought. Adam tells the Adz Ventures YouTube channel that he doesn’t regret eating the candy.

“I don’t regret what I ate. Who else can say they ate 10,000 euros in 30 seconds? said the YouTuber. “Money comes and goes, but the story of an epic failure lasts a lifetime”.

Apart from this, Adam asks the company to help him and suggests that they can give him a consolation prize because he was very hungry and didn’t know there was a competition.

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Featured image: British man accidentally eats R$ 56,000 worth of precious Easter eggs (Photo: Reproduction/Youtube/Adz)

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