In the second kidnapping in less than 15 days, another Mennonite has disappeared on the border – the interior

Mennonite Pedro Reimer, 23, works as an electrician and was kidnapped around 5:00 p.m.

Police officers searched for the victim. (Photo: straight from the streets)

Paraguayan police are trying to locate another kidnapping victim in San Pedro province, Paraguay, an area dominated by groups of armed rebels who terrorize the border strip of the neighboring state.

Mennonite Pedro Reimer, 23, works as an electrician on Guyra Campana’s farm and lives in the Rio Verde neighborhood. According to Paraguay’s portal Ultima Hora, he was moved around 5 pm on Monday near the farms of La Yía, Lucibar and Guerra Campana.

Unofficial information that the kidnapped was actually going to demand a ransom to free the man. Lieutenant-Colonel Luis Abestguea, spokesperson for the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has informed the Paraguay portal that a large number of military agents, as well as the national police, are being mobilized to search for the young man.

Similar kidnappings are becoming increasingly common in the region. Mennonites became the main targets of the Mennonites, as they lived in an area governed by organized crime.

On November 22, another Mennonite settler Helmut Ediger and two workers at his San Pedro estate disappeared and were later found dead. The Paraguayan government and police forces attribute most of the kidnappings and attacks on farms to the Paraguayan People’s Army.

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