In return for the Prime Minister, the Brexit leader will be the candidate in the United Kingdom

In return for the Prime Minister, the Brexit leader will be the candidate in the United Kingdom

Nigel Farage, one of the main organizers of the UK's exit from the European Union (known as Brexit) said this Monday (3) that he will be a candidate in next month's election and will lead the right-wing Reform Party. , a major setback for incumbent Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

The surprise turn by Farage, now a TV presenter, will boost the profile of his movement and challenge Sunak's Conservatives for support from right-wing voters at a time when the ruling party is already far behind Labor in the polls.

Farage, 60, had previously said he would not take part in the July 4 referendum to help Donald Trump win the US election later this year. But Farage said he changed his mind because he was disillusioned with politics and guilty of not standing up for those who had always supported him.

“We're going to be the voice of the opposition, I've done it before and I'll do it again and I'm telling you I'll surprise everybody,” Farage told a press conference, which he said was one of Labour's hopes. The party would win, but he preferred status quo reformism as its main enemy.

He will lead a “political uprising” in the UK because “nothing works in this country anymore”, citing problems with public services such as healthcare.

Although Farage has lost seven terms in parliament, he is still one of the most influential British politicians of his generation, pushing a succession of prime ministers to take tougher positions on the EU and fight immigration.

Averted by Installation Backed by British politicians and Eurosceptic financiers, Farage helped sell Brexit to millions of voters in England and Wales who felt neglected by the main parties, the Conservatives and Labour.

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Although he studied at an expensive school, he worked materialsHe has developed an anti-establishment image.


Farage, who survived testicular cancer and a plane crash, will also take over as leader of the Reform Party, replacing Richard Dice, who said the party wanted a way to “connect the rockets” before Farage took on the role. Election campaign.

In the last 2019 general election, Farage's party decided not to contest seats then held by Boris Johnson's Conservatives in order to avoid splitting the pro-Brexit vote.

With the Conservatives facing their worst results in their history, opinion polls suggest that the opposition Labor Party is on course for victory this time around.

According to opinion polls, support for the Reform Party is around 10% nationally. But under the British “winner takes all” system, the party was not expected to win any seats.

A betting firm said Farage had a 40% chance of getting the seat following his announcement.

Under pressure, Mr Sunak has struggled to win over voters fueled by reformers with policies such as tax cuts for pensioners, the reintroduction of national service and a plan to send illegal asylum seekers to Rwanda.

Asked whether he was worried about Farage entering the race on Monday, Sunak said a vote for reformism would help Labour.

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