In BBB Tá On, Giseilan reacts to the “gossip” about Will Smith at the Oscars and finds out that Alexandre Pato fans: “Shocked” | BBB Podcast It’s On

In BBB Tá On, Giseilan reacts to the "gossip" about Will Smith at the Oscars and finds out that Alexandre Pato fans: "Shocked" |  BBB Podcast It's On

The last woman to leave BBB 22, Jesse He threw himself at parties like no other, lived a strong friendship and did not accept to sign any alliance, even to protect himself. In addition to all of this, she’s won the title of quite a bit: Queen of Xepa! After leaving the house, the ex-sister now talks to Jessica Greco and Samir Duarte, comments on some memes, and talks about her turning point in the game and her fame as a gossip:

“I was informing people at home. Different things happen everywhere, I had to bring information. People didn’t understand that! (laughs)”

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With a path full of ups and downs (lows more than highs), Jesse lived a bit of everything in BBB: Constant bickering between friends, 12 weeks in Xepa and a lot of being convinced of their playing strategies, not allying with just anyone. Win only one race in the whole program and always stay in the crossfire of the house with her friends and allies, Natalia And Lyn da QuebradaThe teacher was going through a tough time, and what she didn’t lack from her going through the program were tears.

And what do you do in the face of such a bad streak? Jiseilan He didn’t let the feather fall and starred in iconic moments in the Discordia games, he enforced his point and didn’t take any insults home (literally).

“The discord game was where I really realized I was going back to being who I was. I started talking wanting to cry and suddenly so many things popped up that I couldn’t even fathom how I was able to put myself in this way. It was changing my switch, and then I saw ‘If I could [falar] Once, I get another. “

Even at the difficult stage, as she was in imminent danger of going to Paredão with her “godmother”, she remained convinced of her positions and did not accept to sign an alliance proposed by the boys in the grunge room, who intended to combine votes with Laes. On this topic, the former sister reviews: That’s when I first put my feet up and said this gameplay wasn’t what I thought coherent was. I decided not to vote with them and then they actually cut the alliance with me.

Millions Speech 🥺

With Jesse, it was no different. On the first wall he faced, Thaddeus Schmidt The Internet knocked and Sister concludes the speech with a sentence in pounds.

“She was beautiful. I remember him doing that. (…) When he marked the ‘teacher’, I thought: ‘He was talking to me, using sign language on national television, at the time, and many people were watching, that really matters!’ “I was able to talk a little more about the pounds, explain some of the signs, and it was all very important. I was so happy.”

Tadao Schmidt’s speech on the second episode of Paredão do BBB 22

Between tears, lack of luck, and plenty of Xepa’s oxtail, Jessi also gave it all in terms of gossip. The sister, who did not let the information go unnoticed and immediately tried to share it with the other siblings in the house, was cited as one of the least reliable people in the house by Arthur Agyar In a discord game.

And since we’re talking about professional Maria Fifi, Jessica And Samir Challenge Jessilane to a game of truth or lie with… gossip! Still reacting to the discovery of Alexandre Pato fans:

“Really??? Wow, I’m terrified! What’s up guys! What’s up! Why am I shy (laughs).

when you know about it Will Smith slaps Chris Rock at the OscarsThe biology teacher also commented: “Wow… I was shocked. This surprised me!”

the post-BBB from the listeners

From washing dirty clothes in public to harmonious relationship with ex-cockmates, the audience is excited for the answers and the full episode is worth checking out!

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