Iza gives a passionate speech at Top 10 Parties

Iza gives a passionate speech at Top 10 Parties

Special attraction for “BBB 21 “to the top 10, the Singer Iza couldn’t hold back the excitement when she did again With an audience after a year off stage due to a pandemic Corona Virus And delivered a special speech to the participants in Reality show From Rede Globo.

After singing the song “Jinja” at the opening of the show, the artist admitted to the brothers that she was pleased to present a performance in the presence of the audience and thanked her for giving her the opportunity to register her name in the 2021 edition. “Brazil is Big Brother”.

This is my first public show since last year. Here I hold me with passion. I’m very excited here to be a part of this version, to be the singing of so many amazing people. You make Brazil so happy, you have no idea. I am very grateful to be here with my family. All this distant time, but today together. I really wanted to dedicate this show to the rest of my home squad, your family and you.

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Iza also joked the brothers to reveal whether they realized she was “rusty” because she had not performed in public in a year.

I promise I’ll do my best. Then, you consider it the best because I’ve been standing for a year, I’m very rusty and nervous too. I’m here to party with you. I don’t even know if I have to go through the treatment session before the show. We’ve been standing idly by for so long that we sometimes forget about it here. I want to make it clear that you are indeed very special in our life.

The brothers are reckless in the singer’s speech. Gilberto shouted, “I love you.” “You’re special, too,” declared Caio. “You’re amazing,” Joao Luiz and Camilla de Lucas shouted together.

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