In ‘BBB 22’, Arthur lists the participants with whom he will maintain friendship after friendship: ‘Very few people’

Thiago Abravanel and Arthur Aguiar in a house

In a conversation with Eliezer, Arthur Aguiar revealed which of the participants in “BBB 22“He intends to maintain the friendship when the reality ends. One week remains until the grand finale of the show, which still has six brothers in contention over the 1.5 million R$ prize.

Before mentioning the names of potential friends, the singer and actor has already revealed that there won’t be much:

“Very few people,” said Arthur.

Then Arthur began listing the people he wanted to have a relationship with after the reality show:

“Naiara, if she wants it, because we have a lot of people in common. Obviously, Tiago, if he wants too. Then Vyni, I don’t know… Then Eslô, Lina – I also don’t know if you’ll want – you (Eliezer) and the boys (Disney.) At least Pedro, Pennsylvania and DJ about eight 21-year-olds…a little.”

Thiago Abravanel and Arthur Aguiar at home ‘BBB 22’ Image: Reproduction/Globoplay

After listening in silence, it was Ellie’s turn to insert the brothers: “I think it will be Eslô, Vyni, Lalá (Laís), you, Rodrigo, good, sure Lina, Natalia and I think Jesse, for the past few days I think Thiago too …” .

Despite being very close to Arthur during confinement, here Thiago Abravanel announced his support for someone else. Silvio Santos’ grandson hit the surrender button in his sixth week of play.

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