In a video, Thiago Levert speaks after a disagreement with Ocaro Silva and says he was attacked

In a video, Thiago Levert speaks after a disagreement with Ocaro Silva and says he was attacked

Former Brother Big Brasil host Thiago Levert spoke again on Monday (27) about the controversy surrounding actor Ocaro Silva. On Instagram, Leverett said he had received attacks online because of his religion and Judaism, as well as attacks targeting his family. In the videos she says:

“Hey, I guess you guys are sick of this topic now, you probably don’t want to watch this video, well, no problem. I really took a while to come here, I think I lost the timing of the topic,” Tiago began. ‘But these last few days have been important to cool down the temperature and cool myself down as well, because I thought I wrote something very clear, a simple statement even of how things work. But what I said was thrown to a place that is not mine, tossed to places I don’t know, and that’s not what I said And you who are following me know it wasn’t what I said, they just sent a message,” he explained.

I was attacked because of my religion, I was attacked because of my family and I didn’t do it even once. I didn’t attack anyone’s family, I didn’t attack anyone’s nerves, I didn’t attack anyone’s path, I didn’t do it at all, my post exists, it’s just … Finally, in this delusion that has occurred in the past few days, in the last paragraph of a letter written to me They rejoice, they make fun of a problem I’m having that I wasn’t even ready to talk about,” explained the presenter, who announced his departure from Globo in 2021.

“And it upset me in a way that I thought wasn’t possible after so many years of working in the media. I thought they wouldn’t work, but I stopped seeing everything and was really upset about that last part, so I’m going to ignore it for now,” he said.

He emphasized that the video was not an apology. “If you got hurt by what I said, I’m really sorry I didn’t mean it. But that’s not an apology, is it? I’m really sorry, I’m sad. When I said it and it was clear… let’s get back to the gist of it…” Your salary,” I was wrong. It probably isn’t the case, we help pay yours, yours, yours, yours, Luciano Hack, Myons, everybody else’s salaries. Just like everyone else’s work at Globo, the actors, actresses, techniques and makeup helped out, said Tiago. And the maids of the rooms, costumes and commercials in paying my salary, because I left.”

“I cannot see where the crime lies in a simple statement like this, knowing that our work, everyone together, helps pay each other’s wages. I am incapable. If you take what I have said and turn it into something else, I will not follow, and I will not go there.” Because that’s not what I said.”

For him, being attacked by someone from Globo herself was a sore point. “So, when I wake up and see a friendly fire, for it is not a person from another station, he is not a philosopher with whom I have nothing to do … He is a fellow, who is in the studio next door and who can, yes, be in the box … I don’t know, He’s in the studio next door and I could have invited him [pro BBB]. I don’t know, I don’t know if that’s the case. But he is an interesting person and a wonderful personality. He was mocking our work in this way, calling it tacky and mediocre, it was obvious that I reacted. I will respond again,” he warned.

And I said to him: You don’t have to like you, no one has to love Big Brother, but remember that we are part of the same: your job, my job, we help pay your salary, you help pay ours. That’s simple for me. Take that and turn it into Another thing is too bad man. Embarrassing. I don’t need to defend myself from anything, I came here to clarify what I said. Where am I and what is the gist of this debate which is ingratitude, hypocrisy and disrespect for people’s work.”

“If, to defend against this, they move the discussion to another area that hurts others which is very serious, I am really sorry, because that is not what I said. I recorded this video hours ago and let it cool off on my screen because I was terrified of posting, that’s the delicacy of the situation And the cheese they did to me.” “Cheese,” he said. “Don’t say that word. But I say it calmly because I know you are aware, you have sent me many letters and I would like to finish by thanking everyone who has defended me, and thanking people I do not even know who have defended me. Tiago said.

He also talked about his departure from Globo. “Concluding by saying that I no longer work at Globo, day 23 was my last day, I still hadn’t taken my resignation test or anything like that but day 23 was my last day of the decade. Even then the Big Brother team changed My life, the show changed my life. And the Big Brother audience too, who welcomed me, changed my life and took me to another level professionally, that I can stand anything and do it again for you. I am so grateful for everything we’ve been through together over the past 5 years And I’m very proud of everything we stand for Brazilian television, for the history of Brazilian television. “We can say that, now I can say I don’t exist anymore, so I can say that,” said Tiago.

“It’s so beautiful, so beautiful to see and this whole story serves as an example. The behavior of the team all these years. Although it’s been hugely successful, I’ve been with you since 2012, we started on The Voice… We never needed to belittling anyone to feel superior, and never needed to speak of anyone’s work in order to enjoy our success. And to go on like this. And that if we ever find it necessary to defend ourselves against something, let us also defend ourselves without fear , because our work deserves it and you deserve it. We are together!”, concluded the presenter.

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