Tadao Schmidt spoils and reveals a new home button

Tadao Schmidt spoils and reveals a new home button

new presenter from BBB 22-year-old Tado Schmidt surprised the fans reality show This afternoon with some spoilers about the show, Which opens on January 17th. In a video on Instagram, he shows posters with some news that is supposed to appear next year.

“Guys, I’m sorry. I really wanted to give you some news, tell you some things I found out, but they wouldn’t let me tell you anything. The team is here in a meeting so I won’t say anything, I can’t say anything. But I can’t stand it. Waiting to share it all with you. And that’s okay folks. Between us, 2022 is approaching. It’s the seventeenth! Until then, I only leave one question hanging: What was life like before BBB?” he said, as he showed the “spoilers.”

On the posters, Schmidt expects the leader to have new perks and questions whether there will be a place for the participant who wins the introduction – he says he didn’t find the room in the house. In addition, the presenter assures that the “hit and go” wall should appear in the game and that VIP and Xepa will be “face to face”, without going into further details.

Another novelty is an unprecedented button that, depending on the presenter, can use or not. Despite the news, he did not provide further details on how this feature works.

BBB 22 will still contain changes to the BBB Network and to #FeedBBB, the platform participants use at home where they post photos and videos.

Yesterday, the presenter already transmitted the topic to social networks When “rehearsing” a wall speech with the family. He started his journey with “BBB” at the end of November, After leaving the “Fantastic” order on the 14th of the same month. The journalist was chosen to replace Thiago Levert.

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