Illegal immigration will be one of the main themes of the UK election

Illegal immigration will be one of the main themes of the UK election

at UKThe electoral contest has already begun, and Illegal immigration will be one of the main campaign themes.

The current British Prime Minister, Rishi SunakHe inherited the controversies of Boris Johnson and Liz Truss, and also had to deal with a steady flow of immigrants across the English Channel.

Sunak's promise now is to deport anyone who comes or stays in the country illegally, but his plan to send these people to Rwanda in Africa, with whom the United Kingdom has a deal, will not work before then. Elections.

liked Keir Starmer It says the scheme is a scam and could soon be blocked by the courts. According to Labour, this is also a reason Call the election nowFirst, bad news for the government, whose legacy he calls confusing.

But there are waters that both men avoid navigating because they lead to the most sensitive debate in this country: leaving the European Union. Today, less than 40% of Britons think this is a good thing. There are many regrets, but so-called Brexit is still an issue on which both parties are too divided to reach a position.

No debate on the EU and higher royalties until July 4. The royal family announced the cancellation of most public events so as not to distract or detract from the election campaign.

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