“I’d rather get shot in the knee,” Joseph Faris says of including NFTs in his games.

"I'd rather get shot in the knee," Joseph Faris says of including NFTs in his games.

Joseph Fares, Creative Director of take two, Recently Posted by Washington Post About the possibility to include NFTs in your future games. And as you would expect, the developer made a very clear statement on the matter.

“[Prefiro] Faris, who also spoke about how “gaming is an art,” said it should not be changed to include systems that encourage or force a player to spend money.

“I will say one thing: Any decision you make in a game, where you have to modify the design to make the player want to spend money, is wrong in my opinion. If you build a game with [objetivo de contar] story, this is wrong. Now, if I say this to a CEO, he’ll say I’m stupid because companies want to make money. But I still say no. For me, gaming is an art.

In addition, Faris also criticized the game-as-a-service model, claiming that he would never make a project of this type. “We will never do that. […] Focusing on rebooting is not a thing in our games.”

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