IAG plans to suspend travel from the UK

Titles of I.A.G. This added more than 1.5% improvement on Tuesday, thus distancing themselves from a new foothold in the United Kingdom. British Airways e Iberia. The British government has asked its people to stop planning holidays outside its borders.

Chief Minister, Boris JohnsonHe noted that it was “not clear” that the non-essential international trip could safely resume on May 17.

May 17, an important date for the industry, at the start of the summer campaign, is the busiest in the airline and airlines such as British Airways and Iberia offer plenty of international flights to some of the best tourist destinations in the world.

Johnson sends the ball to other countries

Johnson said he hopes they can be restarted on schedule, but only if the remaining countries are capable of carrying the virus. Within a framework where the UK is a leader in vaccines.

“I do not want to hold hostages or underestimate the difficulties of some of the target countries where people want to go,” he said. “We do not want the virus to be re-imported from this country. Abroad.”

Once the country’s strategy is fully reopened, it will be like a kind of “traffic light” that divides countries into green, amber or red according to the epidemic situation in these regions, and whether it is legal possibility or not to travel there.

“Not clear”

Tim Alderslate, CEO Airlines UK, A business platform that includes British Airways and Rainer, EasyJet And TUIHe noted that the announcement “did not restore the clarity we were looking for on the roadmap”.

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For this reason, the association is awaiting further details, although they have already warned that measures, including the possibility of conducting multiple tests for travelers, will “prevent significant trips to even the least dangerous places”.

Combination of Farrowal and IAG

The government’s decision will greatly affect London’s Heathrow Airport, where IAG and Virgo Atlantic They have already discussed how to return to long-haul flights, the most profitable segment of the market.

In addition, this is managed by the airport Farrowal The company lost a total of 10 410 million in 2020 due to a drop in air traffic at its airports and closed the course with a 16% drop IBEX 35. This course is in negative territory.

For its part, IAG continues to benefit from the portfolio cycle towards high-rotation and epidemic-damaged stocks that are now elevated in the hope of a return to normalcy from vaccines and economic growth. So, their titles are up 40% on IPX 35 this year.

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