“I want to know who my favorite is,” Juliet says.

"I want to know who my favorite is," Juliet says.

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In a conversation in the park between Juliet, Camilla de Lucas, Vie Tube and Vioc, the chat is’BBB 21“And how is the public opinion on.” reality. Juliet called out Thiago Leverett’s speeches and said she was anxious to see who the show’s fans’ darling is:

According to Tiago, the crowd actually has their favorites. I want to know who is my favorite Juliet

According to the survey TwitterAnd the Juliet is the public’s favorite of the great hero of “BBB 21”.. Sister also does not even imagine He gained more than 21 million followers on the official Instagram alone. Now, it’s engaging with the largest audience on the network that has actually gained the most followers.

Before, Camila asked the brothers what program “mysteries” they wanted to discover as soon as they left home. Viih Tube chooses the reason for the exclusion of Carla Diaz, Juliet chooses to find out what Sarah and Gilberto was saying about her and Viih wants to know the reasons why the audience let him stay on the show.

On the other hand, Camila chose to solve two forms: “I want to know about the fight between Kiir and Lucas and what Brugotta did and the audience did not forget.”

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BBB: Police Cases

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