Mosonzinho was eliminated from A Fazenda 13 with 23.52% of the vote – A Fazenda

Mosonzinho was eliminated from A Fazenda 13 with 23.52% of the vote - A Fazenda

farm 13 Reached the end for Mosonzinho! The pawn was disqualified from the competition for the live program on Thursday (30), with 23.52% of the vote. The actor lost the feud against Bil Araújo and Dayane Mello for audience preference in a vote held in

a The formation of the second Roca It happened on Tuesday (28). Farmer Erica Schneider surprised everyone with the nomination of Mosonzinho. Rico Melquiades was the most voted pawn in the headquarters, but by the power of the yellow flame, he turned his votes to Bill Araujo. The model, in turn, pulled Diane Melo da Paya.

Gui Araujo was not saved by any Resta Um participant and took the last seat. With the power of the red flame, Marina Ferrari objected to Mosonzinho’s participation in the farmers’ test. After vanquishing the coveted Chapéu, Gui Araujo escapes from Elimination Night.

In fact, Mosonzinho made friends, but he also starred in a controversial nonsense. In addition to participating in confusion From the Gulf, which raised a voice exchange Between him and Diane Melo, arrange a pawn Controversy With farmer Erica Schneider. According to Mosonzinho, the ballerina changed hands when she was crowned with the hat. The actor feud led to the second Rocca of the season.

However, Mosum’s eternal son did not live only on nonsense. The former participant found friends at headquarters, mostly with Dinho Alves NS Victor PecoraroI had a lot of fun in the activities.

Between friendships and nonsense, Mosonzinho is the second lost pawn this season.

Continue farm 13! The reality show airs Monday through Friday at 10:45 p.m.; Saturday after the series origin And the Sunday after Wonderful Sunday!

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