Outside of “BBB 24”, Yasmin Brunet was surprised by Duffy's real talk about Camarotis: “I even agree with him.”

Outside of “BBB 24”, Yasmin Brunet was surprised by Duffy's real talk about Camarotis: “I even agree with him.”

Yasmin Brunet is shocked by Duffy's real talk about the Camarotes on BBB 24.

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High detection for Jasmine Brunet Out of place“BBB24”! Model, He was removed from the program this Tuesday (12)Participated in “Bate-Papo BBB” with Thais Versosa that it Ed Gamma that it, In addition to discovering sexual speeches from Rodriginho About your own bodyI was surprised by the real words David, Who gave up revenge Lady ElaineRegarding the cabins. still in the game, MC Bin Laden that it Lucas “Buddha” They distorted a statement from Bahia, making the blonde think that she was being persecuted by the young man!

David's statement about the cabins is distorted

Duffy's speech during a party on the program sparked controversy even at the beginning of the reality show. The brother commented to MC Bin Laden and Lucas “Budda” that he would like to see one of Team Bibuka's members win the match, but the brothers relayed other information to their allies! According to the popular duo on the service, Duffy will be willing to take one by one from the chests, such as Jasmine Brunet and Wanessa Camargo . The blonde was very confused, but she believed in her allies.

This morning (age 13), Louisa Brunet's daughter had the opportunity to watch the VAR of that conversation and realized she had fallen for the famous phrase 'he told me he said'. She was shocked and admitted that she agreed with Davey! What do you mean, Brazil!?

Yasmin Brunet clashes with Davy's VAR

The chat between the trio was shown to the ex-sister. “I wanted these people to win the award, who have a real, sad situation. A humble group, a group of people who really need the award,” he declared…

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