“I vomited three times” · TV news

"I vomited three times" · TV news

Tammy Miranda I had a tense moment on Saturday night (10). Andressa Ferreira, the wife of a São Paulo city councilor, has had a sudden exacerbation after she tested positive for Covid-19. “She vomited three times,” the model said.

On Friday (9), Andressa took to social media to vent about her coronavirus diagnosis. The digital influencer reported severe body pain and fatigue. Upon confirmation of the virus infection, she isolated herself from the family, as the couple’s son, Miranda and Pinto, was not infected.

This Saturday, the ، 33-year-old businesswoman He declared that he was taking care of himself, but noted that he still lacked taste and smell. “I woke up a little better today than yesterday [sexta-feira]. I still don’t taste the food or smell anything. As soon as I woke up, I took the essential oils and did the test. I don’t feel [o cheiro de] nothing at all “.

Andressa Ferreira: sudden deterioration in treatment against Covid-19 (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

“It’s too bad for us to eat without tasting, not smelling anything. I drink a lot of glutamine, propolis, lemon, garlic tea with ginger and lemon, vitamin D and vitamin C,” he explains.

away from family, Andressa She was relieved to learn that her husband and heir, who were both a year old, had no symptoms of the disease. “Thank God, Tammy and Pinto are fine. I will take the opportunity to rest, run a marathon in a series and be calm and isolated,” he said.

“I always try to think on the positive side. Stick to God. Understand that there are stages and that I can always learn at every stage,” he said.

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In a conversation with her followers, Gretchen’s daughter-in-law announced that she would need at least ten days of isolation to confirm improvement. She added that after this period she would retest for Covid-19. “To make sure I am 100%,” he commented.

However, early Saturday night, Andressa returned to social media to tell us that she had experienced a sudden deterioration in her health. He wrote, “Did you guys see how much I was earlier? Suddenly I started feeling really bad.”

She warned her followers, “I vomited three times while I was in the hospital. This virus is not the flu.”

Watch Andressa Ferreira’s video:

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