“I have a very big blemish when I drink”

"I have a very big blemish when I drink"


Zee Neto has returned from his duet with Cristiano to comment on his feud with singer Anita.

Clone/official Instagram of Zé Neto and Cristiano - Zé Neto during a show.
Clone/official Instagram of Zé Neto and Cristiano – Zé Neto during a show.

Recently, the controversy has been one of the Mayan topics that have been commented on on social networks Among famous Brazilian singers: Neto and Anita costume. During the early hours of yesterday, Wednesday (19), a sertanejo came back to comment on the matter.

The feud between the two began when the singer, a supporter of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), criticized Roanne’s law and sent an indirect message to Anita. “We are artists that don’t depend on Lei Rouanet, people pay us, we don’t need to tattoo our ‘tuba’ to show if we’re okay or not, we just came here and he sings”In his own words, criticizing the singer’s intimate tattoos.

While interacting with his followers, the Internet user decided to “revive” this conspiracy among celebrities. “Are they attacking you about that line? I’m 100% you (Ze Neto and Cristiano)”asked one person. The singer decided to respond very directly. “Actually, like this: I have a very big blemish when I drink. I speak a lot of truth (laughs). Let’s say, these things don’t affect me, noMocked.

Recently, Anitta is back as a frequently commented topic on social networks When an additional person was injured while working on a commercial with Funkeira, he criticized the celebrity’s stance. In addition to reporting how she was injured, the professional said that Anita “did not sympathize” with her.

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