Siti, Bill or Tate, who should be a peasant?

The Sixth Farm is formed, and as already in the Record TV reality, three fellow hot seatmates will compete in the Farmer’s Test on Wednesday, 27. MC Gui, Tati Quebra-Barraco and Sthe, who must escape the farm and get the farmer’s hat ? Vote in the A Fazenda 2021 poll and give your opinion.

Farm Poll 2021 – Who’s on the Farm?

Here you can check out farm survey to decide who to leave

What time does the farmer’s taste begin?

This week’s farm hat dispute is going live, and to see if the winning name is your favorite in this week’s 2021 Farm poll, just watch the reality show. On Wednesday, October 27, The Farm will be shown on Record TV and PlayPlus, at 22:45 (Brasilia time).

To watch it on TV, in the traditional way, just set the device to Record TV (an open channel) and follow the live version of the program. For those who prefer to stay up to date online, PlayPlus’ “On Air” tab will – in free mode – also display the dispute. Follow DCI’s Farmer’s Test coverage and take part in the survey that will determine the next phase left out of Farm 2021.

See also how was the training and Who voted for who on the farm.

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